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The Setai Tel Aviv Spa

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The Spa at The Setai Tel Aviv, Israel’s leading luxury hotel, is a serene, urban oasis of wellness and rejuvenation by the sea.

With its exclusive menu of classic massage treatments and traditional Eastern experiences, The Setai Tel Aviv invites guests to unwind and settle into a relaxed state of being. Peaceful and quiet, aside from the sound of waves lap-ping up against Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean shoreline, guests can submerge into gentle silence, while customising their treatments to include massages, scrubs, peels, aromatherapy techniques and beyond. No trip to Israel is complete without a visit to The Setai Tel Aviv spa.

General information and important information

We recommend that you make an appointment with our specialist for information regarding our variety of treatments. For Hotels Guests, the price of the treatment includes free admission to the spa and its facilities, (in accordance with its hours of operation). For your convenience, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of each treatment. In order to enjoy the spa experience, we ask that you do not operate mobile devices in the spa and help keep the area quiet. Cancellations must be made up to eight hours in advance. Cancellation without prior notice or a non-arrival will result in a 100% charge for the requested transaction. We will be happy to provide you with a personal locker and spa accessories. The management is not responsible for any loss or damage to valuable property. There may be changes in the range of treatments. Admittance to the treatment & spa area (and fitness center) requires the signing of a health declaration. The entrance to the spa area is for guests age 18 and above. For further information please call the spa at 03-6016014 or direct extension 6014 from your room or by email:

Operating hours: 08:00-19:00.

Our Spa Menu


Deep, focused body treatments designed to deliver a complete sensory experience and introduce optimum relaxation. The Setai Spa, one of the most celebrated Tel Aviv hotels, employs the top practitioners and uses the best quality materials to cultivate a pitch-perfect experience.

Classic Swedish

(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

A classic European massage that helps stimulate blood circulation, target vulnerable muscle groups, relieve muscle tension & stress and bring balance and relaxation. It is applied in varying degrees of pressure, according to the patient's wishes.

Aromatherapy Massage

(50/70/90 minutes - 380/480/595 NIS )

A gentle massage with aromatherapy oils that are customised for each patient. A sensual and fragrant experience that combines massage with invigorating herbal extracts. This relaxing treatment detoxifies and cleanses both body and mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

(50/70/90 minutes - 380/480/595 NIS )

A slow treatment focused on the release of overworked muscles, this massage works deep into the tissue. Combined with respiratory guidance and stretching to achieve maximum pain release, this treatment that provides immediate relief to the sensitive areas.

Combination Therapy

(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

A combination of a variety of professional techniques depending on the therapist's experience and in accordance with the patient's needs.


(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

Treatment based on a Western healing method wherein pressure is applied to the feet to effect physical change throughout the body. The treatment detoxifies, relieves stress and helps address & alleviate a range medical problems.


(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

Gentle treatment to the extremities of the body. The massage invites patients into a meditative state while relaxing the facial muscles through targeted treatment to tension points in the face, neck and scalp, shoulders, palms and feet.


(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

Prenatal massage is administered to pregnant women beginning the end of Week 16. A special treatment that supports body changes during pregnancy, prenatal massage focuses on the release of the lower back and pelvic region, treatment of foot pain and swelling, and preparation of the body for labor. Is given by therapists who have been specially certified to work with pregnant women.


(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

A traditional Indian treatment that applies hot sesame oil in extended, gentle movements along the body. Delightful and caressing, warm and soothing, Avianga is an experiential therapy that contributes to a sense of calm and balance between body, mind and spirit. Treatment is preferably in bare skin.

Hot Stones Massage

(50/70/90 minutes - 380/480/595 NIS )

This traditional Indian treatment combines hot oil massage with the laying of hot basalt stones along the body's energy channels. An experiential therapy that gives a feeling of warmth caressing, resulting in calm and balance between body, mind and spirit.


(50/70 minutes - 410/510 NIS )

This traditional Indian treatment combines hot oil massage with the laying of hot basalt stones along the body's energy channels. An experiential therapy that gives a feeling of warmth caressing, resulting in calm and balance between body, mind and spirit.

Beauty & Scalp

Signature cleansing treatments await guests in the beauty department of The Setai, among the best hotels in Tel Aviv. With a menu of treatments designed to firm, sculpt, shape and scrub, patients leave feeling healthy, supple, and with skin that’s glowing from the in-side out.

Body Peel

(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

The ultimate pampering and cleansing treatment for the skin. It starts with a full body scrub with wonderful scents that stimulates the skin’s surface. Later, a short, relaxing massage to restore vitality to the natural look of the skin. Re-treatment of the skin cells leaves it smooth as silk, refreshed and clean.

Body sculpting and shaping

(50/70 minutes - 380/480 NIS )

Experimental treatment for cleaning and renewing the skin, using oil, salt flakes and grape-fruit. Helps smooth the skin, stimulate blood flow and give a feeling of lasting freshness. Most effective in cellulite areas.

Turkish Hammam Treatment

(25 minutes - 360 NIS)

Traditional Turkish massage and body scrub experience in an authentic “hammam". This treatment stimulates blood circulation, releases the muscles and hydrates skin cells, leav-ing the body feeling loose, silky smooth and supple.

Treatment Blends

The Setai Tel Aviv, is the best of Tel Aviv beach hotel, offers signature treatment blends that combine several techniques into a single experience. Expert practitioners blend Eastern and Western traditions to customize a perfection pampering experience according to the patient’s preferences.


(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

An outstanding combination of Ayurveda treatment that uses round, soft movements and hot stones. Treatments combine the heat and weight of the stones with the strength of the therapist to deliver intense results.


(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

A powerful combination of circular movements with heated sesame oil from the Indian Aviangha world, and gentle touch techniques from the classic Swedish treatment.


(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

Peel using a combination of fragrances and aromatherapy massage. The treatment combines aromas, textures and gentle massages to soothe the body and soul.


(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

Combines reflexology treatment on several points along the foot, with a relaxing scalp treatment. The simultaneous head-to-toe body work causes you to surrender and release.


(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

A combination of classic Swedish massage with push points from the Shiatsu tradition along the energy channels of the body. The treatment takes place on a luxurious heated bed.


(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

A treatment that combines, quick, blood-stimulating Swedish techniques as opposed to deep-tissue treatment characterised by deep and slow treatment with high pressure movements.

Quick Rejuvenation

Quick pampering and relaxation sessions that provide a focused break from the race of life, and help recharge energy and vitality.

Oil and scalp massage

(25 minutes - 295 NIS)

A soothing scalp massage with warm oil on the third eye.

Neck and face massage

(25 minutes - 295 NIS)

Facial and neck massage with a rich moisturizer, to release tension held in the muscles of the face and jaw.

Foot massage

(25 minutes - 295 NIS)

A foot massage to release and sooth tired feet.

Ethnic Scent

Orange Peel

(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

A warm treatment that uses vitamin C to stimulate blood circulation, increase internal heat, and release the areas that are vulnerable to contraction. When the body is warm and loose, you can work deeply on the muscle groups, and this treatment focuses on the lower back. The body is covered with a warm blend of citrus oils, grapefruit extract, oranges and lemons, leaving you wrapped in the aromas and textures of citrus. Therapist alternates slow caressing touch, with intense, deeper massage.

Jasmine blossom

(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

Delicate body care while the scent of jasmine blossoms fills you with revitalizing and refreshing energy. Jasmine oil is relaxing and exalting at the same time, and is traditionally used in stressful situations to encourage an optimistic attitude. Jasmine is known for its healing and nurturing properties, and its ability to restore vitality to the body and face. During the treatment, shea butter is used to nourish the palms and feet, and aromatic towels are applied to the face area after a pleasurable facial massage. To end the treatment, a delicate scalp massage gives you a levitating feeling.

Turkish Pasha

(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

A warm body treatment with vanilla and rose water aromas fills you with purifying energy. The invigorating treatment helps the blood flow, stimulates the immune system, calms stress and creates conditions for peace and relaxation. During the treatment, lotions are used to nourish the skin with moisture, and aromatic towels are placed on the face and scalp after a delightful massage.


(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

A soothing and slow treatment using bamboo sticks that work deep into the tissue in long movements, creating a warm and cradling sensation. The heat created by the technique’s movement has a unique muscle-releasing effect. During the course of the treatment, ber-gamot oil is used to strengthen the immune system and deliver ultimate relaxation. The therapist wraps the body with warm towels following the treatment giving you an incredible warming effect.

Spice Bouquet

(70/90 minutes - 495/595 NIS)

A refreshing and rejuvenating therapy that uses stretching and joint movement combined with aromatherapy creams like turmeric, lavender, jasmine and camomile, that contain herbal remedies. Therapist uses circular massage movements, saturated with aromatic flower oil, to reduce muscle and joint pain, treat chronic infections and stimulate circulation.

The Setai Clean Green

(70/90 minutes - 575/67 NIS)

The Setai’s namesake treatment begins with a green tea ceremony that welcomes guests into a sensual experience using a selection of purifying and uplifting aromas hand-picked by the Setai Spa. Designed to elevate alpha wave activity and achieve deep relaxation, patients are submerged into a womblike state. The treatment begins with gentle rocking movements that aim to connect guests to their inner self and stimulate the limbic brain.

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