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The Setai Sea of Galilee Luxury Spa

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Luxury Spa Treatments at The Setai Sea of Galilee

In a peaceful and quiet surroundings, we have created a one-of-a-kind spa for you at The Setai sea of Galilee. In this luxurious setting, we would like to give you an experience that transcends time, full of quiet moments and serenity.

Our specially composed treatment menu provides you with an opportunity to discover a wide variety of treatments in a single experience. You no longer have to choose - now you can enjoy all our spa hotel has to offer. Leave all your stress behind you at The Setai Sea of Galilee's Luxury Spa, one of Israel’s largest and most well-appointed Spa complexes, where you can enjoy a number of treatments under one roof.

We recommend making a reservation before arriving, to ensure your spa booking and to speak with one of our consultants about the various treatments.

Our Spa Menu


The Setai Sea of Galilee luxury spa, employs the top practitioners and uses the best quality materials to cultivate a pitch-perfect experience.

Signature Treatment

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

A powerful treatment that uses the best fragrances and textures. The massage uses crystals and the highest-quality Spa products chosen just for you to restore your skin’s natural vitality.

Chakra Massage

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

An energetic treatment that includes massaging the chakra's energy canals, creating balance among the body’s systems: foot and back massages, placing crystals on the body’s energy centers, a scalp massage and a holistic massage. The treatment joins the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine with advanced Western methods.

The Power of tenderness

(50/70 minutes - 330/430 NIS )

A relaxing energetic treatment provided by moving the body, using ancient healing methods. The therapist uses no oil, transferring energy by means of “rocking” heat, guided imagery and Reiki to create a sense of balance and maximum serenity.

Classic Swedish Massage

(50/70 minutes - 330/430 NIS )

Classic Swedis massage to relieve aching muscles and release tension. The therapist uses a variety of massage techniques all along the body to promote the flow of renewed energy, warmth and softness.

Deep Tissue

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

A slow, deep and focused treatment on extensive body areas of your choice. Focused pressure and massage movements are used to reach deep areas of the body, relieve tension and release seized-up muscles. This powerful treatment will leave you feeling light and free.


(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

Using this legendary Japanese method, the therapist's fingertips generate pressure along the body’s various meridians to relax all of the body's systems. (The treatment takes place on a mat, with comfortable clothing.)

Traditional Thai

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

This ancient healing art uses pressure and stretching and improves the body’s flexibility. The treatment focuses on releasing blockages and adjusting the body’s energy. (It takes place on a mat, with comfortable clothing.)

Hot Stones

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

The natural healing power of Mother Earth merges with the skilled hands of the therapist for a warm and caressing treatment with heated basalt stones dipped in sesame oil and aromatic oils. The therapist uses basalt stones of various shapes and sizes in massage movements, leaving the body with relaxed muscles and a pleasant sensation of warmth.


(50/70 minutes - 370/470 NIS )

A traditional Indian treatment with hot sesame oil and relaxing massage techniques along all the body’s energy channels, including anointing the "third eye" with sesame oil and a pampering scalp massage. (The treatment is provided without clothing and with appropriate covering.)


(50/70 minutes - 330/430 NIS )

An ancient foot massage technique, combined with the application of pressure to release the tensions of daily life. A pinpoint treatment of the feet, which bear all our body weight, immediately relieves our feet and has a long-lasting effect on the entire body. The treatment is both enjoyable and helps with pain.


(50/70 minutes - 330/430 NIS )

A soft, gentle and caressing massage using aromatic oils produced from plants and blended especially for you. The massage awakens the senses and conjures tranquil destinations. You can choose from a variety of wonderfully fragrant oils naturally endowed for relaxation, vitality, renewal and nourishment.


(50/70 minutes - 330/430 NIS )

A gentle extremity massage of scalp, hands and feet. The treatment, which includes the application of pressure, relieves muscle pain and improves blood circulation until the desired result is reached – a feeling of utter relaxation.

Massage for Pregnant Women

(50/70 minutes - 330/430 NIS )

This gentle, caressing massage reduces the feeling of heaviness during pregnancy, relaxes and supports all of the body’s systems. Available in a- 50 minute session only, from week 16 onwards.

Beauty & Scalp

The most nourishing treatments await you here: firming, shaping, sculpting and beauty treatments that give the face and body a natural glow and a healthy look.

Sculpting and Shaping

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

This treatment cleanses and renews the skin with the aid of salt crystals, oils and grapefruit, leaving the skin smooth and stimulating blood flow for a long-lasting refreshed feeling. It is especially good for areas with cellulite and for circumference reduction.

Body Rejuvenation

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

The perfect treatment for pampering your skin. It begins with a body scrub with wonderful, invigorating fragrances and various textures for you to choose. Then a brief, relaxing massage to restore vitality to your skin’s natural appearance. The treatment renews the skin cells and gives the body a thorough cleansing, leaving the skin smooth as silk, and feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenated.

Body Wrapping

(50/70 minutes - 350/450 NIS )

Warmly wrapping the body with mineral-rich sea algae, this technique helps nourish and moisturize the skin and increase blood circulation to remove toxins, leaving skin feeling glowing and renewed.

Cleansing and Purifying Treatment

(50/70 minutes - 390/490 NIS )

A gentle facial cleansing treatment for all skin types. A delicate peeling drains the day’s residue from the skin and a soothing mask softens the pores, leaving facial skin clean, bright and glowing.

Moisturizing Treatment

(50/70 minutes - 390/490 NIS )

The perfect invigorating treatment for tired skin. The treatment provides powerful reinforcements for renewing the skin’s natural vitality and boosts anti-aging and boosts its anti-aging properties.

Casa Turkish Hammam Massage

(40 minutes - 360 NIS )

This treatment will stimulate you and leave you feeling thoroughly exhilarated and carefree. It includes all the elements of the traditional turkish experience: massage, scrub and cleaning of the body in a authentic hammam. Avilable in a- 40 minute session only.

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