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The Setai Sea of Galilee Location

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The Beauty of the sea of galilee wilderness

The Setai Sea of Galilee luxury hotel is located near Kibbutz Ein Gev, at the sea of Galilee.

Dear Guests,

Welcome to the Setai Sea of Galilee. We are delighted that you have chosen to stay at The Setаi Sea of Galilee, a luxury resort hotel located in the heart of the Natural Kursi Reserve The Kursi Nature Reserve is a natural habitat for various species of aquatic birds; colonies of herons which can be found among tree branches and birds nesting in the tangles.

Swamp cats, otters and badgers roam through the Kursi Nature Reserve. The Samach river is located at the Golan Heights, with thriving plants and fauna. Its estuary is next to the resort of The Setai hotel. The Kursi nature reserve, its flora and fauna, blends in the Setai experience. The Nature Reserve, as its name suggests, is designed to preserve and maintain the ecological balance of the area as well as to protect the animals, the plants and the landscape.

The Setai team makes every effort to maintain the balance between protecting the nature and maintaining the hotel, so our guests enjoy their stay and at the same time to preserve the values of natural life. Thank you for understanding and especially for taking part in an unforgettable experience at the Setai Sea of Galilee and the Kursi Natural reserve.

Guests can enjoy a wide range of leisure activities outside of the hotel, including professional tours around the Galilee and Golan Height regions, water sport activities, in the Sea of Galilee visits to the area’s hot springs and protected natural parks, guided cycling and hiking tours along the many trails of the region and countless other attractions suitable for all ages.

The professional and dedicated staff at The Setai Sea of Galilee is honoured to serve you at all hours.

Tzeelon Beach 1290005, Sea of Galilee, Israel
Hotel Phone : +972-4-8432222

  • Tzemach Junction, is approximately 17.5 km away.
  • Magarsa Nature Reserve is approximately 9.3 km away.
  • Gamla Nature Reserve is approximately 27.3 km away.
  • Tiberias is approximately 30 km away.
  • Hula Nature Reserve is approximately 46 km away.
  • Mount Hermon is approximately 70 km away.
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